Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Kind of Snowman

Vacation is booked. For someone who swore up and down that she'd NEVER be caught dead on a least until she was retired (because, you know, by then you're almost dead), I've somehow come to embrace my inner, geriatric, self and have made a tradition of heading to the Caribbean to cruise around the islands for a week in February.

I blame Minnesota. If it wasn't so blasted cold around here for a majority of the year, I'm certain my vacations would have continued to lean towards the backpacking around Europe kind of adventure. Not that I don't have plans to return to Europe, I've had the itch to get back to London for awhile now, but the warm, clear waters, the white sandy beaches, the snorkeling and sunbathing is like a Siren's call to me this time of year.

So, St. Thomas, Dominica, Grenada, Bonaire and I come!

photo by gslayher on flickr

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