Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Open Letter to Arlen Specter

Dear Senator Specter,


Random Muser

P.S. Welcome to the party.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I Totally Get How This Kid Feels

I twitter. It started last August when I noticed that dooce had a link on her site to her twitter page. Twitter is hard to explain, and I have yet to convince any of my friends to join. I mostly follow the twitterings of blog authors, politicos, reporters, local businesses and the odd celebrity. My own tweets typically consist of inane musings, political observations, and the odd random link.

I've discovered many interesting websites from other people's tweets...and this evening I believe I ran across the mother of all links. Demi Moore (aka @mrskutcher) posted a link to this utilitarian website. The site is essentially a White Pages for the best viral websites/youtube videos (and by viral, I don't mean to suggest that you should be worried about updating your anti-spyware software before visiting these sites...although you can never be too safe).

The title of the web page reads: "GREG RUTTER'S DEFINITIVE LIST OF THE 99 THINGS YOU SHOULD HAVE ALREADY EXPERIENCED ON THE INTERNET UNLESS YOU'RE A LOSER OR OLD OR SOMETHING," and while I admit that earlier today I was contemplating the rapidly closing window of my youth, I don't consider myself to be an old fogy quite yet (I mean, I twitter for goodness sake), so I decided that I needed to check out several of the links that I hadn't come across yet. That's when I came across THE FUNNIEST YOUTUBE VIDEO EVER. It's right here, and you must check it out. I laughed so hard at this video that I cried and had to cross my legs to keep from peeing my pants. Perhaps the fact that I can completely relate to this kid speaks volumes about me...or maybe it's just a really funny video. You decide. Oh, and if you know where I can get some of what that kid had, let me know.