Sunday, August 9, 2009

Have I ever mentioned how much of a nerd I am?

I've always been slightly nerdy, "bookish" as my mom might say. I used to try to hide it, but as I've gotten older I've found myself embracing my nerdishness. These days I'll happily admit that I know exactly what BSG stands for (Battlestar Galactica for you non-nerdy types) and that its not usual for me to spend an entire Saturday playing a board game (that's ONE game, not games...and by entire Saturday, I mean from at least 10am to 10pm). On more than one occasion I've watched an episode of the Big Bang Theory and thought...yeah, that's my life.

Anyway - this is all to saw that I'm pretty much a nerd and quite possibly getting nerdier as I get older. So you'll forgive me if I jumped with joy when Netflix sent the first disc of the last season of BSG. And you'll look the frack away as I crawl into bed with the dog on a beautiful summer day to watch my show. There will be other beautiful summer days to enjoy, but I can't go one more day without knowing whether or not Starbuck is a Cylon.

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